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Is the Climate Warming? 
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  WSJ Op Ed by R. Lindzen, (of MIT and NAS): on the NAS Report   Nordhaus Damage Estimates
EPA: What is Known   Problems with Satelite Data on Global Warming (NASA)   Nasa Environmental Data Sets
Held and Soden (2000) Global Warming and Water Vapor: Controvesy and Evidence   Does the Earth Have An Adaptive InfraRed Iris (Linzen et. al., 2001)   EPA resources on Climate 
More "Answers" for the Skeptics 
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  Testimony of  J. Michaels
  (Environmental Sciences UVa)
  Green House Emissions Data (US-EPA)
 National Academy of Sciences Report (req. by Pres Bush)   Lindzen: The Alleged Scientific Consensus ( from Regulation)   Plot of 20000 years of estimated temperatures
 Robert Hahn (AEI/Brookings) 
How to Reduce the Cost
  Skeptical Papers on Global Warming (misc)    Global Hydrology and Climate Center (NASA)
  Long Term Discussion (with graphs) of Temperature Record  
 Evidence that Temperatures were Warmer in the Distant Past
Alternataive Global Warming Scenarios (Hansen et. al 2000)
 Cato Piece on Politics of Global Warming Research Funding
   Global Cooling from Agriculture
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC sumary for policy makers 2007)

Kyoto and Political Deception 
(Wash. Post. op ed)

Global Warming from Water Vapor

Critics Forum: Hot Topics (Cato)

ChangePaleoclimactic Data for 2000 years (NOAA)
Grist Magazine: Gloom and Doom With Humor
CO2 is good for the Environment
US Legislative Proposals 2007