Leaving aside the problem of the correctness of my answers, the fact remains that I have been unable to find any indications that scientists have asked the questions to which I address myself.  The unwary might take this as proof that the problems are unimportant, but scientists, fully conscious of the importance of asking new questions, will not make this mistake."

                Gordon Tullock, The Organization of Inquiry. (1966, pp. 3.)

Gordon Tullock
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Friday Session Authors
Friday Session Papers
 Thomas Apolte
  Tullock’s Models of Dictatorship and Revolution
  Toke Aidt
  Rent Seeking and Corruption
  Roger Congleton
  Tullock’s Implicit Analytical History
  Francesco Parisi
  Gordon Tullock and the Court
  Stefan Voigt
 A Loose-Cannon Iconoclast in Action? - Tullock's Contribution to Law and Econ

  Arye Hillman and Heinrich Ursprung
  The Political Economy of an Idea: The Case of Rent Seeking
  Nicolaus Tideman
  The Demand Revealing Process
  Michael Munger and Georg Vanberg   Gordon Tullock as a Political Scientist
  Arthur Schram
  Tullock and Public Choice Experiments
  David Levy and Sandra Peart
  Tullock and Scientific Discovery
  Jac Heckelman
  Tullock and the Organization of Scientific Inquiry

Dinner Talk

                  James Miller III
Rent Seeking and Public Policy

Saturday Morning Plenary Session

William Shughart II and Robert Tollison
  The Extraordinary Scholarly Life and Times of Gordon Tullock,Slides
Kevin Grier
  Institutions and Economic Growth
Dennis Mueller
  Gordon Tullock the Gadfly

Saturday Afternoon Memorial Sessions

Gordon Brady

Nicolaus Tideman
Tullock as Colleague at VPI
Peter Boettke
The Intellectual Generosity of Gordon Tullock
Daniel Houser
Tullock and ASU
Edward Lopez

Bryan Caplan
What I learned from Gordon Tullock
Roger Congleton
The Hidden Gordon Tullock

Other Memories and Reflections

Ilya Somin
Gordon Tullock RIP
Fred Smith
In Memoriam: Gordon Tullock
Marginal Revolution (Tyler Cowen)
Gordon Tullock has passed away
Gordon Tullock, RIP
last visitor's lunch with gordon / gmu faculty