Political Science
Syddansk Universitet
Perfecting Parliament
Spring 2007

Copenhagen Palace
Professor:   Roger D. Congleton

Office :  16 - 401b - 1
Phone:  6550 2203 office 
E-Mail: Congleto@gmu.edu
WebPage:  rdc1.net

photo of parliament.
Office Hours: Wednesday and Friday, 1:30-2:45 and most other times by appointment .

Recommended Texts:

Congleton, R. D. (2003)  Improving  Democracy  through Constitutional Reform: Some Swedish Lessons. Kluwer-Springer.

Congleton, R.D. (2006) Perfecting Parliament: Ideas and Interests and the Emergence of  Western Democracy. (book manuscript, see website links to chapters).

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Dates Tentative Lecture Plan Text Readings  (See Syllabus for complete reading list)

Introduction and Method
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2 Feb PP Title , PP: TOC
PP: Chapter 1
9 Feb II. Purposeful Behavior and the Evolution of Institutions
PP: Chapter 2

Analytical History: Part I

16 Feb III. Monopoly Power, Exit, and the Origins of Governance and the Rule of Law
PP: Chapter 3
PP: Chapter 4
23 Feb IV. The Shifting Balance of Power between King and Parliament, Constitutional Exchange
PP:Chapter 5
PP: Chapter 6
2 Mar V. Expanding Suffrage, a Slippery Slope?    (Homoeconomicus)

History as Evidence: Part II

9 Mar VI. Setting the Stage for Western Democracy:
Economic, Political, and Philisophical Developments in the 18th Century

PP: Chapter 9
16 Mar VII. Liberalism, Legal Equality, and Reform Movements of the 19th Century
PP: Chapter 10

Alternative Parliamentary Designs: Other Bargaining  Dimensions PP: Chapter 11
23 Mar VIIII. The British Case PP: Chapter 12
PP: Chapter 13
30 Mar IX.The Swedish Case
PP: Chapter 14
6 April Easter Holidays / No Classes

13 April X. The Dutch Case    (Dutch Time Line) PP: Chapter 15
20 April XI. How well does the model work for Germany? PP: Chapter 16
27 April XII.How well does the model work for Japan? PP: Chapter 17
4 May
 Fourth Friday after Easter / Store Bededag

11 May
XIII. How well does the model work for the United States?
PP: Chapter 18

Other Evidence and Related Questions: Part III

18 May
XIV. Statistical Evidence of the Causes of Constitutional Reform
PP: Chapter 19
25 May
XV. Overview and Sumary: on the possibility of peaceful but revolutionary reform
PP: Chapter 20
FINAL Exams Distributed

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Posker Stenhus
Nyborg Slott
Danish Parliament in Evening