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Professor Congleton


Companion to the Political Economy of Rent Seeking (Edited with Arye Hillman) Heidelberg: Springer Verlag (2015).

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Perfecting Parliament: Constitutional Reform, Liberalism, and the Rise of Western Democracy. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (2011*). Link to Title Page and Introduction

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                  Perfecting Parliament

40 Years of Research on Rent Seeking. (2 Volumes) Edited with introduction by R. D. Congleton, A. L Hillman and K. Konrad. Heidelberg: Springer ISBN: 978-3-540-79188-1 710 + 830 pages (2008).
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Democratic Constitutional Design and Public Policy, Analysis and Evidence (with B. Swedenborg) Edited, with introduction by Congleton and Swedenborg. Cambridge Mass: MIT Press. Available in hardbound and paper pack. ISBN 0-262-53280-8, 408 pages (2006).
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Improving Democracy through Constitutional Reform: Some Swedish Lessons. Boston, Dordrecht, London: Kluwer Academic Publishers. ISBN 1402074328, 256 pages (2003). (Google Preview
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Att Förbättra Demokratin: En Politisk-Economisk Analys av Sveriges Grundlag (In Swedish). Stockholm: SNS Förlag, ISBN 91 7150-842-2, 221 pages (2002).

Politics by Principle, Not Interest: Towards Nondiscriminatory Democracy (with James M. Buchanan) New York, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Available in hardbound and paperback. ISBN-13: 9780521621878,  170 pages (1998). (Also available from Liberty Fund / google preview)
Translated into Chinese by the China Social Sciences Documentation Publishing House via agreement with Cambridge University Press. Yuan Ze Zheng Zhi, Er Fei Li Yi Zheng Zhi: Tong Xiang Fei Qi Shi Xing Min Shu. Beijing: She Hui Ke Xue Wen Xian Chu Ban She, ISBN 7801901630,  257 pages (2004).

The Political Economy of Environmental Protection: Analysis and Evidence.  Edited with introduction by R.D. Congleton. Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Press. ISBN 978-0-472-10602-8, 289 pages (1996).

The Economic Analysis of Rent Seeking. (with R. D. Tollison)  Edited, with introduction by R.D. Congleton and R. D. Tollison. London: Edward Elgar Press. ISBN-13: 978-1858980058, 397 pages (1995).
A subset has been translated into Japanese by the Japanese Public Choice Society, Economics of Rent Seeking. (H. Kato), Tokyo: Kieso Sobo, ISBN4 326-50231-2.  264 pages. (2002) cover of
                  japanese rent seeking volume