Economics and Philosophy
Rationality and Constitutional Design
Spring/Summer 2005

Friese over Riksdag Door
Professor:   Roger D. Congleton

Office :  GWII: 02:25
Phone:  0921 55 4208 office 

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Office Hours:  Tuesday and Wednesday 2:30 - 3:30, and most other times by appointment .

Recommended Texts:

Mueller, D. C. (1996) Constitutional Democracy. New York: Oxford University Press.

Congleton, R.D. (2003) Improving Democracy through Constitutional Reform, Some Swedish Lessons. Kluwer Academic Press. 

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Public Choice Society
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Dates Lectures Text Readings  (See Syllabus for complete reading list)
12/4 I. Introduction: The Constitution as Rules for Making Rules
M 1
C 2, 7

Prof. Congleton out of town
Rational Choice and Politics
3/5 II. Logic of Collective Action
10/5 III. Contemporary Rational Choice Theories of the Origin of Government  C7, 8

Overview of Constitutional Theory and Analysis

17/5 IV. Early Constitutional Analysis A Sample of Plato
A Sample of Aristotle
More Snippets

24/5 V. The Elightenment: Constitutions as Social Contracts Quotes from Enlightenment Political Theorists
Montesquieu Bk 10
7/6 Wittgenstein Lectures: Brian Skyrms
14/6 VI. Modern Contractarians Buchanan, Limits of Liberty
Rawls, Justice as Fairness
Elements of Constitutional Design

21/6 VII.Democratic Constitutional Design: Problems and Solutions M 27;  C 9
28/6 VIII. Assessing the Relative Merits of Constitutional Designs C 7-9
5/7 IX.Beyond Majority Rule: Protecting Minority Interests C: 10
12/7 X. Constitutional Durability and Stability M 10; C: 10 ; Ch 11
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Course Grades :    
2 pointers: Final Exam 100%

10 pointers: Final Exam 20%
+ Final 13-16 page paper 80%