Economics and Philosophy
From Ideas and Interests to Democracy in Europe
Spring/Summer 2006

Weimar Theater
Professor:   Roger D. Congleton

Office :  GWII: 02:25
Phone:  0921 55 4208 office 

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Office Hours: Wednesday and Thursday 10:15 - 11:45, and most other times by appointment .

Recommended Texts:

Mueller, D. C. (1996) Constitutional Democracy. New York: Oxford University Press.

Congleton, R. D. (2003)  Improving  Democracy  through Constitutional Reform: Some Swedish Lessons. Kluwer-Springer.

Congleton, R.D. (2006) Perfecting Parliament: Interests, Ideas, Institutions and the Emergence of  Western Democracy. (manuscript, see website links to chapters).

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Public Choice Society
US Constitution  / Constitutions
Elections Market
Readings, see: Syllabus and PP: References)
Dates Lectures

Prof. Congleton out of town
10/5 PP: Chapter 1 Preface
17/5 II. Purposeful Behavior and the Evolution of Governance
PP: Chapter 2
Conflict, Conquest, and Compacts

Analytical History
Median Voter Model
24/5 III. Origin of the Medieval Parliament with Veto Power over Taxation
PP: Chapter 3
PP: Chapter 4
31/5 IV. Economic Change and the Balance of Power between King and Parliament PP: Chapter 4
PP:Chapter 5
7/6 V. Setting the Stage for Democracy: Economic, Political, and Philosophical Developments in the 17 and 18th Century
PP: Chapter 6
PP: Chapter 8
14/6 PP: Chapter 8
PP: Chapter 7
VII. Liberalism, Legal Equality, and the Suffrage Movements Rational Choice and the Emergence of Democracy

Case Histories as Evidence

28/6 VIIII. The British Case
PP: Chapter 9
PP: Chapter 10
5/7 IX. The Swedish Case
PP: Chapter 11
12/7 X. The Dutch and Belgian Cases
(Dutch Time Line)
PP: Chapter 12
XI. How well does the model work for Germany?
PP: Chapter 13
Japanese Evidence
XII. Overview of the Course: On the possibility of peaceful but revolutionary reform
Ideas for Paper Topics
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Course Grades : 

      2-credit: take home exam, 100%   

    10- credit: take home exam,  20%,
    + 12-15 page paper,             80%

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