Political Science
Syddansk Universitet
Rational Choice and American Public Policy
Spring 2007

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Professor:    Roger D. Congleton

Office :  16 - 401b - 1
Phone:  6550 2203 office     

E-Mail: Congleto@gmu.edu
WebPage:  rdc1.net

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Office Hours:  Wed. and Fri. 1:30 - 2:45, and most other times by appointment .US Constitution

Recommended Texts:

Mueller, D. (2003) Public Choice III. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Hillman, A. L. (2003) Public Finance and Public Policy, Responsibilities and Limitations of Government. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
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J-Stor  PC Journals
Public Choice Society
US Census  / Constitutions
Elections Market Gallup
NYTimes / W Post
Dates Tentataive Lecture Plan Text Readings  (See Syllabus for complete reading list)

M 1 , C 2

1 Feb I. Introduction: What is Public Choice?
8 Feb II. Introduction: Rational Choice, Elections and the Median Voter
Median Voter Model
15 Feb III. Applications and Extensions of the Median Voter Model   
Median Voter Model
22 Feb IV. Other Voter Choices and the Quality of  Majority Rule
Informational Limits to Democratic Public Policy
1 Mar V. Normative Theories and Policy Analysis, plus Stochastic Voting Models
8 Mar VI. Democratic Institutions and Public Policy
15 Mar VII. Bureaucracy as a Special Interest Group
22 Mar VIII. Economic and Ideological Special Interests and Rent-Seeking Losses Rent-Seeking Losses and Institutions
29 Mar No Class: World Congress of Public Choice

5 April Easter Holiday, No Classes Sign up for Exam!!
12 April IX.Public Policy Roundtable: Political Economy of Taxation and Deficits   
19 April X.  Public Policy Roundtable: Social Security (International, Europe.)
26 April XI. Public Policy Roundtable: Environmental Political Economy
3 May XII. Public Policy Roundtable: Political Economy of Terrorism
10 May
XIII. Public Policy Roundtable: International Organizations
17 May
No Class: Ascension Day

24 May
XIV. Course Overview: Public Policy and Politics

June 7-11
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Course Grades:  Final Exam 100%