Political Science & American Studies
The Constitutions of the United States
Fall/Winter 2006/7

Jefferson Statue and Quote
Professor:   Roger D. Congleton

Office :  Institut for Statskundskab
Phone:  6550 2203 office 
E-Mail: Congleto@gmu.edu
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Office Hours:  Wednesday 2:00 - 3:30, and most other afternoons by appointment .

Recommended Texts:
Keyssar, A. (2000) The Right to Vote, the Contested History of Democracy in the United States. New York: Basic Books.

Taylor, A. (2001) American Colonies, the Settling of North America. New York:
Penguin Books.

Rehnquist, W. H. (2001) The Supreme Court. New York: Alfred A. Knopf.

plus class notes and selected draft chapters of Perfecting Parliament, etc.
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Historical US Documents
Avalon Project (Yale)

Lutz: Colonial Origins

US Constitution  / Constitutions
Elections Market    Gallup

NEOCON notes
Dates Lectures Text Readings  (See Syllabus for complete reading list)
Sept. 6, 2006
I. An Overview of Constitutional Theory and Western Constitutional History
PP: Chapters 1 and 2
Sept. 13, 2006
II. Early Colonial Constitutions: Tiebout and the Origins of U. S. Democracy
Virginia's 1621 Constitution
Connecticut's 1639 Constitution
Sept. 20, 2006
III. Constitutional Trends and Constitutional Convergence in the Colonies
New Jersey 1681
Pennsylvania 1702
North Carolina 1715
Sept. 27, 2006
IV. Constitutional Theory and Public Policy: A Primer
Median voter theory
Veto players and public policy
Constitutional exchange
Oct. 4, 2006
V. Government by Treaty Organization and the Revolutionary War
Common Sense
Declaration of Independence
Articles of Confederation
Oct 11, 2006
VI. The Federalist Papers and the Constitution of 1789
Federalist Papers
Constitution of 1789

Oct. 18, 2006
no class, potato week

Oct. 25, 2006
VII. The Bill of Rights and the Supreme Court
Bill of Rights
Washington's Farewell Address
Marbury vs Madison
Nov. 1, 2006
VIII. Suffrage Norms and Suffrage Expansion in the 18th Century
US Census Data
de Tocqueville Ch. 14
Nov. 8, 2006
Prof Congleton is out of town (China) / class to be made up

Nov. 15, 2006
No Class: High School Student Day / classes cancelled

Nov. 22, 2006
IX. Territorial Expansion and the Evolution of Ideas and Laws Regarding Citizenship and Slavery Keyssar 2-3, Rehnquist 3
Dred Scott Case of 1857
Nov. 29, 2006
X. The Civil War: Secession, Emancipation, and the Civil War Amendments
Rehnquist, 3-4,, Keyssar 4
13th-15th Amendments
Confederacy's Constitution
Dec. 6, 2006
XI. Industrialization, Ideology, and the Progressive Constitutional Reforms, 1880-1925

Rehnquist, 4-5, Keyssar 6
16th-19th Amendments
Representative Democracy and State Building in the Progressive Era, (APSR,1992)
Dec. 13, 2006
XII. Constitutional Reform via Supreme Court Decisions (1886-2006)
Historic Decisions
Brown vs Board of Education (1954)
Roe v. Wade (1973)
Lopez v US (1995)
Dec. 20, 2006
XIII. Conclusion and Overview of Course: The Future of America's Constitutions
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