EC 852
Public Choice I
Fall 2009
GMU: Robinson B202

US Capital .
Professor:    Roger D. Congleton

Office :    11  Carow Hall 
Phone:  993 2328  office 

.photo of parliament
Office Hours:  Monday and Wednesday 2:00 - 3:30, and most other times by appointment
Class Time and Place
.Robinson B202 / Thursdays 4:30-7:10

Recommended Texts:
Mueller, D. C. (2003) Public Choice III. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Persson, T. and Tabellini, G. E. (2000) Political Economics: Explaining Economic Policy. Cambridge Mass: MIT Press. 

Congleton, R.D. and B. Swedenborg (2006) Democratic Constitutional Design and Public Policy. Cambridge Mass: MIT Press. 

Some Useful Links
Public Choice Society
US Constitution  / Constitutions
Elections Market
Syllabus (long) (short)
Dates Lectures Text Readings  (See Syllabus for complete reading list)
9/3 I. An Overview of Public Choice and Theories of Governance
M: 1-2, 18; PT:  2, CS: 1

A. Rational Choice and Democratic Governance

9/10 II. Elected Governments M: 7;  PT: 3; CS: 1
9/17 III. The Median Voter and Public Policy                      MVtr
M: ch 11, 13 ;  PT: Ch 6, 12
9/24 IV. Democractic Cycles and Public Policy  M: 5; PT: 16
10/01 V.  Elections, Interest Groups, and Public Policy
M: 20, PT: 4
10/8 First Take Home Exam Distributed (pdf, rtf)            
(link to useful math notes)
Lecture postponed / to be made up in December

10/15 VI.  How Efficient is Democracy?                                      RDCppt M: 6, 23;  PT: 9; CS: 6

   B. Rational Choice, Interest Groups, and Collective Action

10/22 VII. Classic Interest Group Models: Collective Action, Capture, and Rent Seeking
M:15,16, PT: 7; CS: 9
First Take Home Exam Collected
10/29 VIII. The Logic of Rent Seeking and Rent-Seeking Losses M: 2, 19; PT: 14     
11/5 IX. Regulation: Public Interests vs Rent-Seekers: Analysis and Evidence M: 16,17; PT: 4; CS: 8
11/12 X. International Political Economy: Nations as Interest Groups
M: 22;  PT: 18; CS: 11

C. Rational Choice and Constitutional Design

11/19 XI. Foundations of CPE: Political Institutions and Public Policy
CS: 1-5
11/19 Second Take Home Exam Distributed ( pdf, rtf )

11/26  Thanksgiving Break: No Class
Suggested Paper Topics
12/3 XII. Political Institutions, Public Policy, and Economic Development M: 22; PT: 14; CS: 10
Second Take Home Exam Collected
12/5 makeup lecture in Carrow Hall, 10:00 am
XIII. Constitutional Reform and Evolution: Gains to Trade in Divided Governments CS: 12, 13, Perfecting Parliament
12/10 XIV. Overview of Course and Introduction toVirginia Political Economy:
Virginia Political Economy and JMB       GTs CPE
12/17  FINAL PAPERS DUE  AT CAROW HALL (E-mail Is Preferred) 

Course Grades : 

      10-15 page final paper    30%
      Midterm Exam (take home) 30%
      Final Exam (take home) 30%
      1- pagers and class participation     10%